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01/09/2009 - FRC Kick-off

Upper Darby High School

01/09/2010 - Vex @ Summit HS, NJ

Steve Rhoads will be going to this event. Some of the TechnoMages may also go (details to follow).

We will support software inspection, followed by software assistance (focusing on RobotC) and supporting EasyC as required.

We will also bring a VEXnet practice switch and a robot with VEXnet, and do some walkthroughs of VEXnet and the standard competition template, the autonomous skills challenge and the driving skills challenge template.

Come join the fun!

01/23/2010 - Vex @ Christopher Dock HS, Lansdale, PA

DockBots 09 was a blast, 24 high quality teams compteted. This year the competition will be even tougher.

8:00 Doors open
9:00 Team meeting
9:15 First match
12-1 Lunch
(Skills event will be held across lunch)
1-4 PM Afternoon matches and playoffs
4 Awards Presentation

Food and drink will be available at the DockBots concession stand.

[Register Here!] This is a STEMRobotic sponsored event.

01/30/2010 - Delaware FTC

Steve will be the RobotC/Software Inspector and Programming Support for this event.

Come be a TechnoMage with me. If you already use RobotC with Vex, it is easy to make the jump to support the Lego/Tetrix.

01/30/2010 - Philadelphia FIRST Lego League - Vex Demo

We will be running a practice Vex Clean Sweep match with demo robots at the FLL tournament. Come help run the mini-competition!

Here is the event information:

Saturday, January 30, 2010
Philadelphia FIRST LEGO League Tournament
THEME: "Smart Move"
University of Pennsylvania - Irvine Auditorium
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

02/06/2010 - NJ FTC Regional

Steve is going to be the RobotC/Software Inspection and programming support person! If you know RobotC come be a TechnoMage with Steve. You will be able to say that you support multiple platforms!

02/20/2010 - Vex - Middle School Competition, Baltimore, MD

This is limited to just middle school teams in Baltimore. But it is a chance to see young engineers create some amazing robots.

02/26 and 02/27/2010 - Atlantic Coast Championships

This is a two day event with the possibility of over 100 teams competing on four fields!

The Mid-Atlantic VEX Championship Event is open to any registered VEX Robotics Competition Team. They are hosting this event to provide teams with an opportunity to compete against a large number of teams in an exciting two-day format. They expect to have over 100 teams competing for a spots at the VEX Clean Sweep World Championship Event.

[More details on the Mid-Atantic Vex site.] [Register Here!]

03/06/2010 - East Brunswick HS, NJ Vex Clean Sweep Qualifier

03/13/2010 - Vex - Eastern PA Regionals at Downingtown, PA

Doors open at 8 AM
Team meeting 9 AM
First match 9:15 AM
Lunch 12-1 AM
(Drivers and Programming challenges will be run across lunch)
Afternoon matches will end at 4PM with awards to follow

Food and drink will be available all day at the Downingtown Area Robotics concessio stand. [Register Here!] Sponsored by STEMRobotics and Downingtown Area Robotics

03/18/2010-03/20/2010 Create Foundation: Championship of the Americas

03/20/2010 NJ Vex Championship

Either at RUTGERS College Avenue GYM, or at Bridgewater-Raritan High School in Bridgewater, NJ

04/10/2010 - Vex - La Plata, MD

04/22/2010 - Vex - World Championships

These are held in Dallas TX, its a three day event. Hope your robot is good enough to make it!

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