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STEM Robotics sponsors and organizes events in South Eastern Pennsylvania (draw a 50 mile circle around Newtown Square PA). In additon, we attend and help out at events that are no more than a two hour drive. This is a list of events in our area.

Our basic plan is to ask you all to host the community events and Steve (that's me) will help you run them. I will bring at least one field, a computer, a printer, and an monitor. We will hopefully all go to each other's gatherings and improve our robots. If we can sponsorship, GREAT!!! If not, by sharing our time, effort and assets - we can all have more places to go, more opportunities to learn and more exposure to like-minded folks who are willing to make a difference their kid's lives and our communities potential.

If at all possible, I am asking that we keep team registration costs to a bare minimum. We'll ask all teams to help in the clean-up (nobody leaves until the location is spotless). We encourage the venues to sell snacks to recover whatever revenue you might have made via the registrations, and additionally ask for donations - if you can't eat the snacks for some reason (like me, I need to stay away from gluten and wheat).

To engage parents and older siblings, but discourage them from actually building the [rising] up-to-8th-grade team robots, ... I'll also be running an "Unlimited" Division. Any age can compete, and you can use any platform. Your robot can use up to 2 CPU units and up to 2 x 2 Ah main batteries, and 2 gamepad/remote controllers. Your robot must be no taller than 12" at start, and all parts touching the playing surface at start must stay within the inner edges of the 11" tile. We'll try this a couple of times and see how it goes.

Both VEX IQ and Unlimited IQ divisions will play the same game (Add It Up) with the same field, same basic rules, and same game elements.


STEM Robotics Regional VEX IQ Events

Eastern PA

March 15 ($00) UPCLC Greenville, PA - Add It Up:

March 29 ($25) Bensalem, PA - Add It Up:

April 12 ($00) QCA - Quakertown, PA - Add It Up:

May 03 ($00) PCA - East Norriton, PA - Add It Up:

May 17

May 31

June 14

June 28

July 12

July 26

August 09

August 23

August 30 - STEM Robotics Regional Championship

California (World Championships)

Apr 23-26, 2014 - ($750) VEX Gateway World Championship at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA [1]

Community Members

Haverford School, Haverford PA

Penn Christian

Quakertown Christian

Shafer Middle School, Bensalem PA

Upper Perkiomen Community Life Center (UPCLC)

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