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This is where I build Robots (and electronic projects, Ham Radio, etc.)

This is the East Wall. It's active storage, things I need on a daily basis are here. Across the top are VEXIQ and Hexbug samples.

Row two is more of the EDR stuff (note the octagon base on the left)

The next rows down are all parts, I try to keep things in boxes so I can find them quickly. While it looks pretty messy, all of the boxes have labels on them so I can find them pretty quickly. Small trays come to the workbench, get used and then cleanup goes pretty fast.

South wall is my build table, it's wood so I don't have a static problem when I do electronics. The two displays are for Raspberry Pi's or other projects. One is a TV so I can watch OTA TV or stream entertainment from the media server.

West wall has the printer, the last few paper books that I own. It's also home to the Plano boxes that I use for demos and building robots with teams. The Plano's are nice, I have a few of every part in them so I'm not searching for parts. You may remember across the room is thin trays of parts, that lets me build here in the lab. But I can grab the 2 VEX EDR Plano's and be good to go, or the three IQ boxes and I'm on my way.

North wall is a huge closet, mostly off line storage. Behind it is another huge closet that I can access from the other side

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